Since 1992, the Smokebrush Foundation For The Arts has produced and presented innovative arts experiences that foster creativity
and collaboration. Inspiring positive change in the Southern Colorado community and beyond.


Fresh off the success of the first collaboration, Smokbrush's very own Kat Tudor continues her partnership with the Colorado Springs' Fine Art Center to continue the Donation Yoga, Music, Meditation Series, now as part of the exhibit 'A Naturalist and an Artist: James Audubon & Kevin Sloan. Join teachers Kat Tudor, Julia Archer and Anna Hanselman for yoga, and a rotating roster of meditation guides and musicians for the meditation. We hope to see everyone there to be a part of this amazing experience!







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Community Outreach

GetMovingSmokebrush is in the business of inspiring people and facilitating their journey of creativity, wellness and fun! Getting our programming to people who are unable to attend our regular classes and events is important to us. To this end, Get Moving with Marmalade, our outreach to elderly, special needs and underserved people dishes out the joy of movement and playfulness. Working with different community centers, schools and retirement homes, we promote movement through dance, chi gong, tai chi, yoga, zumba.