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 Dear Friends,


I would like to invite you to Aqualuz - A Yogic Spiral AND Global Ceremony with the Intention of Healing the Earth's Waters with Light, Sound and Soul on September 21st as part of the Manifest Festival in Manitou Springs from 11-12noon in Memorial Park.

We will be forming a human spiral, a living sculpture and meditating, doing yoga and chanting for the water together. 

If you cannot make our local event you can join the ceremony globally by  infusing a crystal with a positive intention while placing it into one of your local waterways and chanting: 'OM MANI PADME HUM" – this simply means placing our heart's energy into the water, the jewel into the lotus.

Everybody is invited to these ceremonies independently of beliefs, customs, religion or culture as we all share the water. People around the globe are participating in Aqualuz. Please join me and thousands of others on September 21st to help heal the world’s waters which I may also add is International Peace Day!

Visit aqualuz.org for more info or manifestcolorado.com





Community Outreach

GetMovingSmokebrush is in the business of inspiring people and facilitating their journey of creativity, wellness and fun! Getting our programming to people who are unable to attend our regular classes and events is important to us. To this end, Get Moving with Marmalade, our outreach to elderly, special needs and underserved people dishes out the joy of movement and playfulness. Working with different community centers, schools and retirement homes, we promote movement through dance, chi gong, tai chi, yoga, zumba.